Outside her day job, Michelle is also a digital art enthusiast, passionate about the creative and playful side of interactivity.

Directions of the Tide | 我们终将改变潮水的方向
A New Media Art Live Performance where the presence of viewers becomes part of the artwork, guided by an engaging audio-visual narrative.
Generative art, interactive installation, Live performance, Narrative, Touchdesigner
Let It Rain
We cannot stop the rain or let it rain heavier in real life, but what if you can in the digital world?
Leap Motion, Projection Mapping, Processing, Arduino, TouchDesigner
Tree of Life
Tree of life is an electronic painting on canvas, redefining the idea of hanging a painting in a room simply for decoration purpose.
Projection Mapping, Makey-Makey, Fabrication
「#Express」is an interactive wall expressing your invisible emotions and feelings. (B.F.A. Digital Media Arts Grad Show Project)
Processing, Kinect, Projection Mapping, Body Immersive
「Inmò」is the pronunciation of ”Music” and ”Ink” in the Chinese Language. It is a speaker which brings the future fantasy of tangible Music-Visualization feedback closer to you.
Fabrication, Circuit Design, Sound Art
StarSpace is a room-scale interactive installation, also an case study for immersive meditation experience.
Experience Design, Design Research, Generative Art, TouchDesigner, Projection Mapping
Light a Fire, Light Up a Spark
In June 2018, I attended the ITP (Interactive Telecommunication Program) Camp at New York University. This documentation features my three interactive pieces during the final show.
Interactive Art, Fabrication, Circuit Design, TouchDesigner, Kinect, Physical Computing
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