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Project Brief
As Music Visualizing Products are well developed these days, we believe that one day the Music Visualization could become one of the most common sense in our daily lives.While playing music, all the plants, furniture in your house could move with the melody.
So, here it is, 「Inmò」took a little step towards this future fantasy;)
Timeline & My Role
8 weeks | ​​​​​​​Spring 2016
Group Project | Yikun Liu(Sound Design, Fabrication, 3D Modeling, Circuit Design)
Michelle Yao (Video Editing, Fabrication, Circuit Design)
Chuqiao Wu (Prototyping, Social Media Operation)
Handis Qiao (Prototyping)
Featured Show | New Media Design Department 3rd Year Collaboration Project

After seeing the Graduation Design Show of Class 2011 in my freshman year, one Music-Visualizing online website called ”Akapollo” caught my full attention.
By allowing the user to upload a song or audio clip, generating to a visual-shocking motion afterward.
The elements(as shown in the images)could form in multiple statuses due to the beats&style of the music uploaded. It was truly a spectacular experience both visually and acoustically.
As we all know, music is supposed to be invisible.
But what if it could be seen?
2. Material & Background Research
After design research and brainstorming, we decided to draw our attention to express different beats in music clip, with changing the format of Liquid’s fluency and the feature of easy to form. It is motivated that a basic object in our daily life,like acoustics, would be our goal to design this Music-Visualizing Product.
Along with these targets, we found a special material: ferrofluid.
3. Circuit & Fabrication
In order to make an installation with both aesthetics and business value, a square acoustic with plugs and an attached transparent container was designed.
4. Experiments & Prototypes
 We applied Acrylic for the final material for the Box, also with fluorochrome to enhance the visual effect.
Experiment: Ferrofluid in 75% Alcohol resolution VS in the water
Experiment: Ferrofluid in 75% Alcohol resolution VS in the water
Low-fidelity Prototype
Low-fidelity Prototype
Experiment: Adding glowing pigments into the alcohol resolution
Experiment: Adding glowing pigments into the alcohol resolution
Arcylic prototype
Arcylic prototype
5. Final Product
After Weeks of experiments and production Modeling, we finally brought out the product: [inmò - Plain White] and [inmò -Inky Black].
Those two versions of design and modeling expressed our design aim: Simple, Elegant with modern beauty.
Inmò could connect your PC with USB (to apply the electricity) and a headset plug(to make it work like a speaker).
Although it was my first Installation and project design our team, I was totally inspired by the beauty of Industry design and the unique artwork experiences;)

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