Hi there! This is Michelle wavin' at you from the Pacific NorthwestšŸŒŠ
An Interaction Designer & Digital Art Enthusiast madeĀ in a rainy mid-summer's Beijing; Exported to England and New York City; Currently settledĀ in Vancouver, BC as her natural habitatšŸƒā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹

Hey there! šŸ‘‹This is Michelle!
Growing up in a tech-savvy family with my engineer parents, I was always the "slow kid" who can't fix the printer or can only sit asideĀ watching my mom assembleĀ a PC. ThisĀ motivates me to bring complex technologies to more people in anĀ approachable way, asĀ a product and user experience designer :)Ā 

Previously, I internedĀ atĀ LinkedIn China,Ā Microsoft Vancouver,Ā andĀ NGX Interactive,Ā where I graspedĀ the essence ofĀ teamwork, cross-teamĀ collaboration, and take the full ownership of my designs. Right now, you'll find me shaping the product together with the team at JobGet Inc and whatifi.io! Oh, check out my 100-day Design Challenge and other side projects (Branding / Illustrations)Ā onĀ Behance!

Along my design journey,Ā I have so many things that I wish I could have someone told me before. So I'm building a student - alumniĀ mentorship community for my school, Emily Carr Univ. of Art + Design, to help more students with their early design careers.

It's been a great pleasure to meet youĀ :) !
Fun Facts about me:
Fun facts about Designer MichellešŸ–Œļø
šŸ‘ļø I'm a total visual animal and can differentiate typeface by eyes. My favĀ fonts areĀ Circular StdĀ (sans serif), Noe Display and Quarto (serif)! My fav black & white areĀ #333333 and #FCFCFC !
šŸ’» I got into Design major by accident, as I was majoringĀ in Science in highschool, all my family members are from engineering background (well, sometimes needs a breakthrough eh?)
šŸŽžļøĀ Apart from design, I studied Film Critic in England for half a year for exchange, where we mimic the critic tone from The GuardianĀ and watch CasablancaĀ for 20 times for an assignment!
šŸŽ’I'm a world traveler who's been to 15+ countries and lived in 4 of them! You'll probably spot me wandering in your city one day withĀ my 35mm film camera on a bike or staring at the sunset at the beach!

IĀ designed at and collaboratedĀ with:
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