Hi there! This is Michelle wavin' at you from the Pacific Northwest;)
An Interaction Designer & Digital Art Enthusiast made on a rainy summer day in 1995's Beijing, living in Vancouver, BC.​​​​​​​
Born and raised in an engineering family in Beijing, China, I was always considered to be the “slow kid” in childhood comparing to my parents who always win the first prize in Mathematics or Physics contests. Luckily, my mom told me: "No matter how difficult it is, as long as you’re willing to work hard, there’s nothing you can’t do”. When I entered college majoring Digital Media Arts, I found myself not afraid of taking challenges and learning new things, even something designers have been avoiding, like coding, and I found I am capable of doing more things with it.

Starting from my very first job as a design intern in the Tech industry at 19, I set my career goal as a designer who make technology easier and more accessible for people. Currently I am a UX Design Intern at Microsoft Vancouver .

Outside my day job, you can find me in the maker’s lab soldering electronics or rendering some real-time computer graphics for my New Media Art project. Or spot me wandering in the city on my bike with my 35mm film camera;)
It's been a great pleasure to meet you;)
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