As a designer, I believe in making rather than speaking. I believe real good designs speak themselves without explanation.

Daily UI 2018
For the start of 2018, I started to follow the #dailyui on Behance and Dribbble, to practise my design skill as an interaction designer.
UI/UX, Sketch, Principle, Graphic Design
The Dream Painter
「The Dream Painter」is an interactive Website developed through WebGL and HTML5 Canvas allowing users to "paint" their dreams through colours.
Interaction Design, Visual Arts, UI/UX, Web Design
In spring 2016, before Airbnb has its "Experience" feature online, I always have an idea about "Sharing Economy" in the area of traveling experience. And made that idea into a O2O product design: "OneDay" APP.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Mobile
Midnight in Paris
「Midnight In Paris」is an HTML5 Digital Reading Product. As one outstanding original film, Midnight In Paris(Directed By Woody Allen,2012) described a fascinating story which an American author encountered a series of adventures on a street in the Midnight.
Interaction Design, HTML5, Mobile Web Design
Mindful Garden @HDL
Mindful Garden is a therapeutic device which de-escalates anxiety and aggression in delirium/dementia within the first 24 hours of hospitalization. 
Interaction Design, Design Research, UI/UX
With the need for medical care in our daily life among younger generations.We developed「PillsCare」, in order to provide more young people lacking common life experiences a driveway towards convenient and safe medical care.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Design Research
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