Michelle is a Product & Visual Designer, designing interactions to make complex technologies more approachable for people.

LinkedIn Article Mobile Web Experience Redesign
In 2017, I interned at LinkedIn China Content team as a PM for 6 mons. Along with my team, I shipped the redesigned web experience for LinkedIn articles as the product owner.
Product design, internship, UX
The Dream Painter
The Dream Painter is an interactive Website developed through WebGL and HTML5 canvas which allows users to "paint" their dreams through colours.
Interaction Design, Visual Arts, Web GL
A&K Robotics Product Design
A&K Robotics is a tech start-up in Vancouver, BC. I led the design and human experience for A&K's autonomous vehicle within 3 mons in 2019.
Product design, UX Research, Inclusive Design, Embedded System
Microsoft Garage Internship
In summer 2019 I interned at Microsoft Vancouver. Along with 4 dev and 2 PM interns, we design, developed and shipped a Visual Studio Code extension - Device Simulator Express within only 16 wks!
Product Design, Internship, UX research, Physical computing
In spring 2016, before Airbnb has its "Experience" feature online, my friend and I came up with a business idea about "Sharing Traveling Experience with locals" . And made that idea into a O2O product design: "OneDay" iOS APP.
Interaction Design, iOS, Product Design
Daily UI Challenge!
A 100-day design challenge for practicing UX prototyping, visual and motion design✨
Prototyping, Visual & Motion Design
New York Has It All
"From the top of the Empire State Building, to the bottom of a glass in a Manhattan night club, New York HAS IT ALL."
Illustration, Vector Art, Visual Design
Branding - STEFANO
STEFANO is a fashion brand from the US . I designed the typeface for STEFANO's logo as well as brand identity.
Branding, Typography, Visual Design
Finger Food Studio Design Challenge
A design challenge completed in 8 hours!
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