ITP Camp 2018 Final Show, New York University, NY, USA

Project Idea
This project consists two lighting design (fabrication) and one screen-based interactive piece I completed with Kinect. The whole idea is to create a series of works (physical fabrication or visual) of "Lights".
1. "Pat me" Light 
- My "love letter" to NYC. A little table lamp that allows user to change the brightness each time they pat on it.
2. Seven times I despised my soul 
- A pendant lamp l designed. Using RGB light bulb and laser cut one of my favorite poem on the surface - Seven Times I Despised My Soul by Kahlil Gibran.
3. Fire & Sparks 
- An interactive display I designed with TouchDesigner and Kinect v2. Using the TouchDesigner, I created a visual theme of fireworks and sparks. And using Kinect to add more interactivity, allowing the user's full body movement involved in the graphic.

The two lamps I made really challenged my skill for fabrication and physical computing. I learned how to "master "the Laser Cutter, how to assemble, design, and polish the prototype into a well-finished piece. 
For the Fire & Sparks, I continued my exploration into TouchDesigner, and completed this little demo as a work related to Kinect and full-body interaction.
1. "Pat - Me" Lamp
I designed the NYC illustrations in Illustrator, and then laser cut it on 1/8 inch Acrylic . 
Inside the Lamp : I used an Arduino Uno (just for this prototyping version) and 4 super-bright LEDs as the light source and microcontroller.

Physical Computing: On the top piece of the Lamp I soldered a cooper frame and connected to one Analog Pin on Uno. I used the ADC Touch Library to make the cooper frame become a "switch".
Finally, I assembled the pieces and I powered it with a 9V battery so people and play with it without the restricts of the cable.
2. Seven times I despised my soul 
I used one of my favourite poem Seven times I despised my soul  as the inspiration for the visual design. Since the poem has 7 sentences, I designed a lamp that has 8 surfaces, then assemble them into one.
This project my intention was to create a "Light & Shadow" effect. But the acrylic melted during laser cutting, which made it so hard to cut it through;( In the end I only have this partially cut-through effect, but pretty satisfied will the final effect as I installed the RGB light bulb inside.
3. Fire & Sparks 
This interactive work I used TouchDesigner & Kinect to create a spark & Firework pattern. By using Kinect, I can get the data from the participants' joints, and use that as a position to create graphics in TouchDesigner.

My counter during the show!

All in All...
Decided going to ITP Camp 2018 was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I met so many creative artists, developers and designers. It feels so great when you work along a bunch of people who have the passion as you do, and that's something I really miss when I started school in Emily Carr.
New York City NEVER let me down.

Special Thanks to: Yen-An Chen & Es Youn & Jiahui Yu!!

Me Giving a workshop about UX Prototyping (Using Sketch + Principle)

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