In the Jan of 2017, I joined Linkedin's China Content team in their China Headquarters.
After working through 2 jobs at Tech Start-Ups as an interaction designer intern, I got a chance working as a Product Manager Intern at Linkedin.
I worked for 5-day a week, for 6 mons, while still have my Grad Show design project at school. This precious experience taught me to collaborate with colleagues, users and clients. And how to perform professionally in the actual workforce.
As a product manager, I work closely with designers to initialize the user experience for new features. Linkedin conducted several User Experience Research workshops while my internship, it was pretty helpful for me to attend those actual UER meetings to dig out user needs
My Role as a Product "Manager"

one of the feature I completed with our Designer - Linkedin Article outbound sharing page

Beyond that, most of my time at work was spent with Engineers. I demonstrate the product goals and features via design mockups. Engineers are usually quite challenging to talk to since they have practical insights and usually think through technical ways, which is vital for product manager really think through why to develop a new feature logically.
Another crucial part of my daily work is to follow the data dashboard every day for the content team, to dig out the current problem via data, and to evaluate a recent-launched feature's effect. This was quite challenging for me since I'm from a design background. But the training and studying through the half of year had strengthened my ability to analyze data quantitatively and logically. I report to my mentor and manager with presentations on data insights and reviews, help them to shape the China Content current product problems.
an example slides for data analysis for LinkedIn's product
"Professional Identity Leads to Career Oppotunity"
I was truly honored to work with those global top-tired folks! On my last day at LinkedIn, my mentor threw me a small farewell party;) 
Working on something you are not familiar with in the actual workforce was never easy. I was under a lot of pressure first few times when I have to give a presentation via video or actual meeting which lots of high hierarchy managers would attend, to illustrate the new product idea. Luckily, through these presentations, I could manage my ideas and expressions much more clear and logical than before, and gradually I am not that nervous anymore.
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