Computer and screen became my playground when I was 18 and started to major Digital Media Arts in college. But in life, I like to make fun and wired little things by hand as well! 

I am still learning techniques to create electronic arts. The pic shows one time I attended an electronic paint workshop using TouchBoard by Bare Conductive in @Beijing.

In 2016, I decided to try something different: creating an interactive Installation as my Bachelor's Grad Show work.

My interests in electronic arts begin in my 3rd yr in college. By then we had a big assignment, kinda like a mini version of Grad Project. We worked in a group of four, one of my friends in the team is a "musician", who likes composing his sound tracks and music, told me his fantasy about the future of music: When I play music, every object in the room will dance with me!
In spite of everyone making APPs or websites in that project, we made an actual speaker called "Inmo", it has a layer of ferrofluid in the acrylic shell, and you can see the liquid jump with the beats when you play music through the speaker!
This interest of mine extended when I was working on my BFA Grad Show piece - #Express. Though my teammate and I didn't have any experience creating installation and coding for Processing, we learnt a lot by spending lots of nights in school Lab to figure it out ourselves. Along with the help of my teammate @Handis QIAO, we finally finished that installation work, and it went pretty well at the Grad Show at my University. This experience around making something using electronics was never an easy task for me, but so much fun;)

Photo Credit to TeamLab. 

The amazing exhibitions they held worldwide became my motivator on creating interactive digital artworks.

I am always a Digital Art enthusiast. Now I am pursuing my postgraduate degree at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. With a focus on digital experience design using interactive art installations. I believe this tangible embodied and interactive experience can achieve things that experience on the screens cannot do. 

When I'm not working on my Graphic / UX projects, you can find me soldering (breaking) wired circuits in the Lab!
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