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Projet Brief
「Midnight In Paris」is an HTML5 Digital Reading Product launched in May 2015.
As one outstanding original film, Midnight In Paris(Directed By Woody Allen,2012) described a fascinating story which an American author encountered a series adventures on a street in the Midnight.
We used HTML5 to create a mobile-friendly interface, re-edited the plot, let reader enable to choose to turning points in the story. Thus enhanced user’s participation towards a story, rather “be soaked into” it than simply “read” it.
I edited it into Chinese Version Story and completed this reading product with my 2 classmates;)Also to my idol and my favourite director, Mr.Allen.
Always be and always will.
Timeline & My Role
4 weeks | ​​​​​​​June 2016
Group Project | Limon Zhang (Visual Design) 
Tong Yang (Web Dev) 
Michelle Yao (Web Dev & Interaction Design)
My Role - Web Dev & Re-editing the plot
As the main editor and CSS3 animation Coder, I rewrote the whole film script by Woody Allen, divided the whole story into 4 chapters, with interactions and key plot selection for users to access as an own "director" towards this fabulous story. 
Optimizing the Reading Experience - Fullpage.js
As an HTML5 Interaction Website, we developed this reading product using HTML,Fullpage.js and CSS3 in order to create animations and interactions in different browsers.
We devoted to providing a better reading experience for users and create a new interaction between books and films;)All the coding was completed by my classmate and me.

Screen Recording for the project.

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